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ANY adverb, determiner, pronoun definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.
followed by 'of: Have you read any of his books? as an adverb usually followed by the comparative form of an adjective or adverb: Are you feeling any better? Any is used especially in questions, in negative sentences, and in clauses with 'if: Is there any coffee left?
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Any - definition of any by The Free Dictionary.
in interrog, conditional, neg sentences not translated emph: any at all with sing n irgendein e; with pl n irgendwelche; with uncountable n etwas; not any kein/keine; not ANY at all überhaupt kein/keine; if I had any plan/ideas/money wenn ich einen Plan Ideen Geld hätte; if I had ANY plan/ideas/money at all wenn ich irgendeinen Plan irgendwelche Ideen auch nur etwas Geld hätte; if you think itll do any good/ANY good at all wenn du glaubst, dass es etwas irgendetwas nützt; if its any help at all wenn das irgendwie hilft; it wont do any good es wird nichts nützen; it wasnt any good or use at all es nützte überhaupt or gar nichts; you mustnt do that on any account das darfst du auf gar keinen Fall tun; without any difficulty at all ohne jede Schwierigkeit.
Play in Early Childhood: The Role of Play in Any Setting.
You Are Here: Video: The Role of Play in Any Setting. Video: Building Babies'' Brains Through Play. The science of child development points to three core principles that can guide what society needs to do to help children and families thrive.
Any Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
Middle English, from Old English ǣnig; akin to Old High German einag any, Old English ān one - more at one. Learn More About any. Post the Definition of any to Facebook Share the Definition of any on Twitter Time Traveler for any.
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Report an injury or illness WSIB.
Tell your employer about any medical treatment you received as soon as possible and let them know about any additional information you received about your injury or illness. You must investigate and keep a detailed record of what happened, and the steps you take to correct the issue.
SQL ANY and ALL Operators.
The ANY operator.: returns a boolean value as a result. returns TRUE if ANY of the subquery values meet the condition. ANY means that the condition will be true if the operation is true for any of the values in the range.
Any Definition Meaning
one, some, or several, as specified, no matter how much or many, what kind or quality, etc any cheese in the cupboard is yours; you may take any clothes you like. as pronoun; functioning as sing or plural take any you like.
any - Dictionary of English.
as pronoun; functioning as sing or plural: don't' give her any. whatever or whichever; no matter what or which: any dictionary will do, any time of day. an indefinite or unlimited amount or number esp in the phrases any amount or number: any number of friends.
TypeScript: Documentation - Everyday Types.
When you dont specify a type, and TypeScript cant infer it from context, the compiler will typically default to any. You usually want to avoid this, though, because any isnt type-checked.Use the compiler flag noImplicitAny to flag any implicit any as an error.

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